Sustell™ accurately measures your full environmental footprint and provides actionable insights on how to reduce your impact

Several years in development and continually updated, Sustell™ was developed in collaboration with key partners, including Blonk, recognized experts in the field of agri-food lifecycle analysis, as well as customers and users worldwide to reflect real-world needs of sustainable animal protein production.

Sustell™ is built on two pillars to measure the footprint of your animal protein production systems in a more accurate and complete way, while providing science-based recommendations to make improvements possible.

Sustell™ is built on two pillars

The Intelligence Platform

A robust, user-friendly, secure, cloud-based platform for data input, calculation & visualization of your environmental footprints results - cataloguing all your data and insights - at your fingertips - under your control.

The Expert Center

An objective and tailor-made service building on the Intelligence Platform, accessing the sustainability, LCA and animal production expertise of leading consultants from DSM, Blonk and other third parties to help you in your sustainability journey.

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