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Rooted in argricultural heritage and leading in sustainability. We know what it takes to meet the future

Why act now?

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The future is regulated: keep your license to operate

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Meet sustainability demands of your stakeholders

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The future is data-driven: stay ahead and in control

Until now, sustainability management and LCA analyses have been scattered, complex and costly

Sustell™ makes footprinting across the value chain accessible, scalable and cost-efficient

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Trusted by your industry, 
tailored for you
All feed, farms and animal footprints in one place

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Your direct data, your rules
All data stored in a secure cloud environment. You decide what you share with whom

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Clear, Complete, Credible 

An intuitive overview of your ISO certified footprint at scale

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New business opportunities
Improve efficiency and find new sources of revenue while reducing your footprint

Trusted Methodology

Sustell™ adheres to international standards like FAO LEAP, EU PEF, IPCC and IDF for animal protein environmental footprinting. Fit to tackle upcoming reporting challenges like:

• Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD, 2022)​

• Green Claims Directive (GCD, 2024)​

• Emission Trading Systems in Agriculture 

ISO certified for LCA

Sustell™ is always kept up to date with latest LCA guidelines and methods. Sustell™ is independently certified to ISO standards for life cycle assesment, ISO14040 and ISO 14044 by DNV.

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