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Will Sustell help my farm and/or company calculate its full footprint?

Sustell™ utilizes farm-level data to provide a full LCA (lifecycle assessment) which is the largest and contributes the most to the full footprint from animal protein production. For example, typically 80% of emissions of a food retailer come from purchased materials, of which 90% of emissions are from ‘on-farm’. This is why calculating the emissions from the production on-farm is so critical to upstream operators.

Is Sustell™ certified? And following standards (like ISO)?

Sustell™ is compliant with and based upon internationally recognized methodologies including ISO, FAO LEAP (Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance) and Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR), IPCC, IDF (dairy) and other leading methodologies. Sustell is already ISO (14040/14044) certified by DNV. This means, specific plans can be set up or a standard model based on the data from the production system generated by Sustell™ including, animals, feed, housing systems and resource use and the resulting output in terms of the LCA is then assured by DNV.

What results does Sustell™ deliver?

Sustell™ provides accurate, transparent and globally recognized results delivering the full LCA footprint per kilogram of product for the most complex and difficult to calculate part of animal protein production – up and until farm gate. This specialization and focus within Sustell™ draws on farm and feed primary data, accepted methodological calculations and recognized databases including, Agrifootprint 5.0 and the GFLI (Global Feed LCA Institute) databases to ensure robust and validated LCA footprints making Sustell™ unique in the market.

Does Sustell™ calculate the environmental impact from own-grown grains?

The Sustell™ Intelligence Platform calculates recognized feed compounds and formulations. However, by accessing the Expert Center, companies can partner with our experts to create tailormade LCA data and plot improvement strategies.

Does Sustell™ calculate the LCA from feed ingredients made by your competitors?

Yes, all possible farm-level interventions (nutritional or non-nutritional, dsm-firmenich or third party) are included. With Sustell™, we want to play our part in transforming the industry and while we may not have all the solutions for every specific scenario, Sustell™ is designed to provide clear intervention advice that considers the most appropriate, credible solution.

Does Sustell™ calculate the impacts for the Circular Economy?

Circular feed ingredients, such as waste and co-products can be included in Sustell™, if LCA data is available, showing the potential reduction in feed and farm footprint.

Is it possible to do benchmarking and compare own results with peers?

Yes, with the dashboard this is possible so long as the permission of the comparator company is given. Carbon footprint benchmark data will be available in Sustell™ in early 2023.

Does Sustell™ include customer specific energy mixes?

Currently the country energy mix can be manually adjusted and in mid-2023, Sustell™ will include renewable energy (solar and wind) and by the end of 2023, biogas.

What is the APS-footprint tool?

Blonk’s state-of-the-art APS-footprint tool is the power behind the Sustell™ Intelligence Platform which utilises its life cycle assessment (LCA) functionality to create an agile, dynamic and intuitive tool that provides real-time LCA data with maximum user independence and minimal consultant engagement.

How long does Sustell™ take to create a model of intervention for reducing the environmental impact?

Within seconds of inputting the farm-level data covering parameters such as feed, animals, resources, housing systems, and other details of the production system plus farm outputs, Sustell™ calculates the full environmental footprint.

How regularly is the data updated?

LCA databases such as GFLI and Agri-footprint® are constantly evolving and being updated to the benefit of the feed and farming industry. Sustell™ is connected to such databases so also benefits from the latest data. Sustell™ uses these data in customer specific environmental footprinting combined with real-time, actual farm data.

Will this be accurate and useful in xx country which is not one of the 17 countries with extensive data in the system?

Yes, because custom, branded or company specific, compliant Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data is used as required and for countries not covered, proxy countries data is applied. Furthermore, as new credible databases are made available, they will be added to Sustell™, for example, GFLI 2.0.

How much does it cost?

The Sustell™ Intelligence Platform is a license-based service, tailor-made to suit customer needs and requirements. Please get in touch with us so that we can work with you to provide the optimal solution for accessing the power of Sustell™ and measuring and reducing the environmental impacts of your animal protein production.

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How do I subscribe?

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Do I have to pay for the Expert Center or is this optional?

The Sustell™ Expert Center is a tailormade and entirely optional and additional service for those companies that wish to make tangible, measurable interventions to reduce the farm level environmental footprint before the decision to implement is made. You can find more information here

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Will this be available in multiple languages?

Yes. Thus far the Sustell™ Intelligence Platform is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian) with additional languages possible dependent on client need.

Will Sustell™ help our company reduce our Scope 3 emissions?

Yes, Sustell™ will help you and your downstream value chain to reduce Scope 3 emissions by accurately measuring the full environmental impact of your animal protein and to credibly measure emission reductions.

Does Sustell™ cover Scopes 1, 2 and 3 for emissions reporting?

Yes – Sustell™ covers the environmental impact of animal protein production for the value chain and right up to the farm gate - a critical contributor the overall emissions of many protein producers.

Does Sustell™ provide complete ESG reporting?

Sustell™ accurately calculates the environmental impact of animal protein production to farm gate. However, we collaborate with specialized consulting companies or can also cooperate with your consultant.

Is Sustell™ supporting the UN SDGs?

Yes and through its use it will help animal protein producers align with many of the SDGs and will directly impact on the following:

  • SDG 2 – Zero Hunger
  • SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-being
  • SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
  • SDG 13 – Climate Action
  • SDG 14 – Life Below Water

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