SustellTM Expert Center

Take your sustainability improvements to the next level

The SustellTM Expert Center partners with you to further unlock the value of sustainability.

Reduce your environmental footprint through tangible, measurable interventions 

The Sustell™ Expert Center provides tangible, measurable interventions to help you reduce your farm level environmental footprint.

The Sustell™ Expert Center provides:

- Accurate, simple and actionable feed and farm-level analyses
- Recommendations
- Training
- Audits
- Certification
- Business development projects

Tailor-made Solutions

The Sustell™ team is engaged with animal protein production across multiple markets and fully understands that reducing the footprint is highly nuanced, since every farm is different and therefore requires tailor-made recommendations and interventions.

Based on a credible and validated data-driven environmental footprint analysis,  the team provides clear intervention advice on how to further improve sustainability and business performance.

Specialist support

Experienced sustainability and LCA experts, animal nutrition and production specialists partner with you to define a Scope of Work that identifies your objectives, specific needs and potential opportunities. The Sustell™ Expert Center includes:

  • Sustainability business development experts from dsm-firmenich
  • LCA experts from Blonk and dsm-firmenich
  • Animal nutrition and production experts from dsm-firmenich
  • External scientific network, consultants and partners

Partnering with you in 4 steps:

The Sustell™ Expert Center partners with you through four steps to provide clear, interactive and actionable solutions to improve the environmental impact of animal protein production:

Contact with your local dsm-firmenich Account Manager

He/she will work with you to understand and clearly define your company’s needs and to evaluate how the Sustell™ Expert Center can support you. 

Define the Scope of Work with your Sustell™ Business Development Manager

Your Sustell™ Business Development Manager will work closely with you to define and agree a detailed Scope of Work (SoW) and commercial agreement. Importantly this includes a clear timeline for the project and your visibility of expected net positive environmental benefits to be accrued from the project.

Development and Implementation of your Environmental Impacts Reduction Plan

In working with you to improve productivity and reduce your product’s environmental footprint, the Expert Center can also support specialized business development programs such as product certifications, sustainability labelling and other business opportunities based on additional sustainability criteria.

Ongoing Support

The Sustell™ Expert Center provides you with on-going support to help you achieve your business objectives. Additional support can also include a data audit and certification of your environmental footprint by DNV*, one of the world's leading certification, assurance and risk management providers.

*DNV has certified Sustell ISO (14040/14044) assured.

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