Sustell™ enables you to accurately measure and improve the environmental footprint of animal protein production

Developed by global sustainability and animal nutrition experts from DSM

Powered by the APS Footprint tool from Blonk Consultants and updated with the latest LCA developments in collaboration with DSM and leading experts

Provides you with an immediate understanding of your environmental impact and how to make measurable improvements

Sustell™ is ISO-assured, providing ISO compliant LCA based environmental footprint metrics

Sustell™ is built on two pillars

The Intelligence Platform

A robust, user-friendly, secure, cloud-based platform for data input, calculation & visualization of your environmental footprints results - cataloguing all your data and insights - at your fingertips - under your control.

The Expert Center

An objective and tailor-made service building on the Intelligence Platform, accessing the sustainability, LCA and animal production expertise of leading consultants from DSM, Blonk and other third parties to help you in your sustainability journey.

What you can expect from Sustell™

Ease of use
The intuitive multi-user-interface saves time and cost, requires little training and is easy to use

Accurately measures the environmental footprint of all major sources of animal protein

Real-time knowledge
Empowers users with real-time knowledge of the environmental footprints of feed and farm operations


Ownership of your footprint
Take ownership of your footprint. Don’t be judged by industry averages. Unlock your value

Science-based data
Internationally validated, up-to-date and accredited science-based data analysis


Improve your environmental footprint
Delivers tangible and measurable improvements for animal protein producers

News and Events

Agriculture 4.0 is the key to jumpstarting the agricultural revolution and achieving tangible sustainability improvements

Where better event to grapple with the impediments and the possibilities offered by the fourth agricultural revolution and improving the sustainability of animal protein production, than AFMA 2023! This flagship event of the Animal Feed Manufacturers’ Association (AFMA) of Africa, with approximately 700 attendees this year, is arguably the most anticipated animal production science event on the African continent.

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