"At FairFood, we partner with dairy and beef farmers and producers to help them on their sustainability journey as they measure, report and seek third party certification demonstrating year-on-year improvements in the sustainability of their operations. By using Sustell™, farmers are able to see and understand their operations, their efficiency and importantly the drivers of their environmental impacts. What’s more, because Sustell™ is built on global accredited data, the results can be used in the certification with third party audits testifying to the sustainability improvements farmers are making and thus earning FairFood certification for the produce."

Bruna Silper, Technical and Sustainability Director, FairFood Brazil

About FairFood

FairFood is a pioneering force in food certification in Brazil. Started in 2019 by a team of agribusiness specialists, the company’s objective is to ensure that the food that reaches consumers' tables is safe, of quality and produced in a sustainable way. The company’s purpose is defined by its “4 Essential Pillars”: ‘Safe Food’ – to ensure that food does not pose any type of health risk; ‘Original Food’ – that promotes transparency regarding the origins of ingredients; ‘One welfare’ – that promotes animal welfare and care for the people involved in production; and ‘Sustainable Production’ – complying with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards.
FairFood is a member of the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (Mesa Brasileira da Pecuária Sustentável)

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