"At Agrindus, improving our environmental impact, transparently, honestly and progressively has been core to our family business since its inception. For the retailers and especially, the end consumers of our dairy milk, we must demonstrate with validated and recognised data, the actual footprint of our operations and what we are doing to reduce this. Sustell™ is easy to use for a family-run business such as ours, and the scenario modelling was critical in our decision to implement solar energy panels – the first of many improvements we have been able to make to reduce our carbon emissions."

Tais Jank, Director of Milk Production, Letti a brand of Agrindus

About Agrindus

One of the five largest milk producers in Brazil, Agrindus S.A., a family business spanning three generations, commenced operations in 1945 and now employs more than 200 employees, operating an intensive livestock model with dairy cattle, beef cattle and poultry on 1200 hectares of land. The company’s mission: to provide fresh, safe food through respect for the land and animal welfare is at the core of its approach to sustainability and why they were a first mover in 2021 by using Sustell™. Sustainability and respect for the environment and the animals that produce vital nutrients has always been a part of the family business’ approach. To date the company has received three important certifications in recognition of this approach: Selo Verde, or Green Seal, granted by the Environmental Committee of the Jornal do Meio Ambiente of the State of São Paulo to companies that are committed to sustainable policies such as care for the soil, atmospheric emissions, waste and energy and the Certificado de vacas A2A2 and e Selo Bem-Estar Animal, animal welfare certifications that attest to the Agrindus’ dedication to animal welfare.

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