“The use of Sustell provides essential information on the key factors that contribute to carbon footprint, and, thus, where to focus to reduce it”

Jaume Coma and Pau Aymerich, Vall Companys Group

About Vall Companys Group

As one of the leading agri-food companies in Spain and Europe, the Vall Companys Group’s mission is to offer better nutrition for tomorrow: responsible, healthy, efficient and sustainable.

To achieve this, one of the key pillars of the Penta Programme – their 10-year strategic sustainability plan, running till 2030 – is to reduce the environmental impact of their activities and look for new uses in production processes.

Vall Companys partnered with dsm-firmenich to pilot Sustell™ since 2020, providing input into its development and benefitting from the power of Sustell™ to measure the carbon footprint of their broiler and pig production.

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