"It was a natural next step for us to use Sustell™ as we seek to improve the wider environmental impact of our fish feed solutions, elevate the product value and secure market access where heightened sustainability standards are coming into force. Moreover, Sustell™ provides powerful insights into the many environmental impacts of our products, enabling us to identify potential hotspots as well as opportunities for continually improving our sustainability."

Pablo Leyton, Feed Technology Manager, Vitapro, Chile

About Vitapro

For more than 27 years, Vitapro has been ‘transforming aquaculture to nourish tomorrow’ in Latin America through efficient, profitable and sustainable nutritional solutions that promote the economic, environmental and social development of the region. As part of our sustainability journey, we had already conducted some GHG emissions calculations, water footprint and LCA measurement of our Salmofood brand feed, which provides nutritious solutions for the aquaculture industry.

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