Presenting a suite of solutions for sustainable swine production in Latin America at 333 Experience

Dr Fernanda Kuschel presenting to the Plenary at 333 Experience, November 2023

Medellin, Columbia, 21 - 22 November 2023

At the heart of Latin America's swine production, the 333 Experience, brought together some 1200 influential participants, from producers and general managers, to nutritionists as well as academics, to explore the latest advancements in the industry. It was within this vibrant setting that dsm-firmenich demonstrated its vision and solutions for a sustainable future for swine production.

Dr. Fernanda Kuschel, Sustainability & Precision Services Manager for the Andean Region at dsm-firmenich, addressed the plenary session and its audience of approximately 1200 attendees, stating, “Our challenge as an industry is to meet the nutritional needs of the projected 9.7 billion people by 2050 while navigating the intricate balance of planetary constraints. In this regard, dsm-firmenich is focused on ‘Essential Products’ that through nutrients, impact positively animal health, ‘Performance Solutions’ to improve animal health and improve sustainability and ‘Precision Services’ for data-driven insights for more sustainable and efficient food production.”

The urgency of this challenge was framed against the backdrop of diminishing territory per person available for cultivation. Dr. Kuschel emphasized the imperative of producing efficiently but also, through Sustell™, measuring, and visualizing environmental footprints. Using a full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), it ensures precise calculations for tangible improvements in feed and farm footprints of swine production.

The dsm-firmenich stand became a focal point, attracting more than 900 visitors. Simultaneously, a workshop at maximum capacity, looked in detail at sustainability measurement and improvements in swine production based on dsm-firmenich’s extensive experience in the industry. The dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition and Health team previewed the business’ solutions—a comprehensive strategy designed to assist farmers in reducing their environmental impact, enhancing animal performance and welfare, and securing sustainable livelihoods.

Reflecting on the many interactions across different platforms—plenary sessions, stand visits, workshops, and one-on-one conversations, Dr. Kuschel said, “The engagements were not just about showcasing solutions; they were about igniting a paradigm shift. Sustell™ empowers producers with real, actionable data. It allows them to take ownership of their environmental footprint, moving beyond industry averages. Join us in the world of change, where sustainable animal protein isn't a vision; it's the reality we collectively shape."

Dr Fernanda Kuschel presenting to the Plenary at 333 Experience, November 2023
dsm-firmenich team on the stand at 333 Experience, November 2023

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23 November 2023