Transforming the sustainability of Latin American Poultry at AMEVEA events in Chile and Colombia

25 – 26 October 2023, Colombia
29 November – 1 December 2023, Chile

The Sustell™ team recently engaged in two pivotal events for Latin American aviculture, hosted by the Poultry Specialists Veterinarians Associations (Associacion de Médicos Veterinarios Especialistas en Avicultura) in Colombia and Chile. These annual gatherings serve as crucial platforms for veterinary doctors and zootechnicians, spanning diverse roles in the industry—general managers, technicians, salespeople, nutritionists, and production managers.

According to WATTPoultry Latin America’s broiler production five-year growth rate to 2021 was 5.04% with nearly half (2.42% ) of this growth in the last year, from 2020 to 2021. With Latin America's burgeoning population and an increasing preference for chicken meat and eggs, the sector is predicted to continue to grow in the coming years. This necessitates a heightened focus on sustainability to mitigate the environmental impact and ensure animal health.

Together with about 400 participants at AMEVEA Colombia and 200 at AMEVEA Chile, dsm-firmenich speakers and attendees demonstrated how Sustell™ with specific modules for broilers and layers makes the invisible, visible – empowering broilers and layers operations to identify sustainability improvements across 19 impact categories.

Speaking about both events, Dr Fernanda Kuschel, Sustainability & Precision Services Manager for Andean Region, dsm-firmenich stated, “With the growth in the population in Latin America as well as the preference for poultry produce, we must act urgently to balance rising consumption trends with responsible aviculture production. By measuring the environmental footprint of operations, making the invisible, visible, we can set clear goals for improvement. With specific modules for broilers and layers, Sustell™ is enabling many Latin American broiler and layer operations to accurately measure and improve their environmental footprint while meeting the region’s nutritional demands.”

Attendees at AMEVEA Colombia October 2023
Dr Fernanda Kuschel address attendees at AMEVEA Colombia October 2023

Published on

12 December 2023