Ideation and future opportunities for the dairy industry at Dairy Vision 2023

Campinas, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 7 - 8 November 2023

More than 400 participants from the dairy industry gathered at Dairy Vision 2023 discussing ideas that will ‘create the future of the dairy industry’. Importantly, the sustainability of the industry was top of mind along the value chain, from producers, to processors to retailers.

While the dairy industry plays an essential role in global nutrition, food security and economic trade to name only a few, the challenges for improving the sustainability of the industry are well known along the value chain, right up until the consumer. This year’s event openly acknowledged this with the often used cliché that changes carry opportunities – and so it set the stage to be a protagonist for positive change in the industry.

With this in mind, dsm-firmenich gladly accepted the challenge to speak at the session on “Opportunities from the environmental agenda” providing real-life examples in how to measure and improve the environmental sustainability of Brazilian milk. This was part of a panel that also had 3 other presentations on the topic:

  • Carbon footprint in dairy farming: stage of knowledge and opportunities with a dsm-firmench partner Alexandre Berndt, General Chief of Embrapa Southeast Livestock, Brazil
  • Sustainability and opportunities for the dairy industry with a dsm-firmenich customer Luis Fernando Laranja da Fonseca, Founding Partner at Guaraci Agropastoril, NoCarbon Milk, Brazil
  • Can carbon credits be a relevant business for the sector? With Paul Myer, Athian, USA, a start-up company that is jointly funded by dsm-firmenich.

According to Carlos Saviani, Global Sustainability Director, “Sustell™, is already supporting Brazilian dairy producers by facilitating the efficient measuring and sharing of reliable environmental footprint data throughout the value chain. Stakeholders can conduct large-scale Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) to transparently communicate and oversee the environmental sustainability improvement of dairy products, ensuring both environmental responsibility and economic profitability for the future of the industry."

Fernanda Marcantonatos Nogueira, Latin America Sustainability Senior Manager, Ruminants at dsm-firmenich said, "There is a rise in scrutiny from consumers, retailers, and regulators regarding the environmental impact of livestock production and of the dairy industry. However, dairy production can be part of the solution against rising climate change concerns, due to the significant potential for reducing methane and overall carbon emissions. Bovaer™ plays a crucial role in advancing the global sustainable dairy initiative by easily mitigating enteric methane emissions, accountable for over 50% of the carbon footprint of 1 liter of milk. With the Go Planet certification, it is possible to ensure to consumers that producers are actively improving the sustainability of their operations by reducing methane emissions – and also to ensure to producers they are acknowledged for their efforts and are not judged by industry averages, rightfully enabling their brands to earn recognition in the market and on store shelves."

The dsm-firmenich team at Dairy Vision 2023
Carlos Saviani presenting Sustell™ at Dairy Vision 2023

Published on

15 November 2023