dsm-firmenich Tortuga® celebrates champions of sustainable dairy farming at "Milk Quality Starts Here!" Awards Gala

6 December 2023,  São Paulo, Brazil

This year a new category was added to the awards, recognising the importance of improved sustainability in dairy production. The new award category of “Sustainability” was introduced in recognition of those producers that achieved advances in milk “Quality and Quantity” and “Quality” while improving the sustainability of their operations. What’s more, Sustell™ was used to evaluate their sustainability performance based on actual primary data and a full Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) of all entrants’ operations.

Speaking at the event, Fernanda Marcantonatos, Sustainability Sr. Manager Animal Nutrition and Health at dsm-firmenich stated, “Sustell™ is a game-changer and is helping farmers around the world to reduce their environmental impact across 19 different categories – more than carbon emissions alone. The user-friendly platform empowers producers to enhance their environmental impact by utilizing primary feed and farm data in line with approved LCA methodologies.”

On behalf of dsm-firmenich, congratulations to the Sustainability winners who will receive access to the Sustell™ platform for detailed environmental footprint calculations and sponsorship for obtaining the prestigious Go Planet certification:

  • Sustainability "Quantity and Quality" category to Agropecuária Régia – received by Marcos Epp (pictured)
  • Sustainability "Quality" category to Fazenda Gamela – received by Antônio Alves Cordeiro

Carlos Saviani, Global Sustainability Lead, Precision Services at dsm-firmenich,  announced the Sustainability winners stating, “Congratulations to the winners for not only elevating the quality and quantity of production but for doing so with a reduced environmental impact.” Saviani continued, “Sustainability is an ongoing journey, not a destination, and not just the winners, but all who participated, have shown the industry that sustainability improvements go hand-in-hand with productivity improvements at farm-level. Thank you for commitment to a greener, more responsible future for dairy farming in Brazil.”

Award winners celebrating the acknowledgment on their great results in 2023
Fernanda Marcantonatos, Sustainability Sr. Manager ANH Latin America, speaking on how to reduce GHG emissions in dairy farms
Marcelo Machado, Dairy Category Manager ANH Latin America, presenting dsm-firmenich to key dairy farmers from Brazil
Carlos Saviani, Global Sustainability Director ANH, delivering the sustainability award to Agropecuária Régia, ranked 1st in Sustainability for the category “Quantity and Quality”

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19 December 2023