dsm-firmenich requested at a key Sustainability event in Central America

Invited by CMI, a leading animal protein producer, processor and retailer from Central America, Julio Andrade (Sustell leader in the Northern Latin America region) and Carlos Saviani (global sustainability leader) attended the “Environmental Management 2023”event in Guatemala. With the presence of CMI’s sustainability leadership team and the sustainability management teams of all Central America (more than 50 people), dsm-firmenich was the only external company and supplier invited to the event. Carlos was a keynote speaker and presented on the key trends, challenges and opportunities in animal protein sustainability and in how a company like CMI could measure, improve and communicate their environmental footprints connected to the production of feed, chickens and pigs, unlocking the value of sustainability.

“We were very proud and glad to be able to attend this important event and not only to share and discuss on sustainability in animal proteins with the CMI team, but also to learn a great deal from their bright professionals about the specific needs, challenges and opportunities for sustainability in Central America. It was humbling to hear from them and as I once learned, sustainability is a journey, not a destination”, said Carlos Saviani.

“Sustainability is becoming a hot topic in Central America, especially connected to the production of food, and for us from dsm-firmenich is super important to be able to contribute with our experience and with Sustell to the development of our customers and the region in this space”, affirmed Julio Andrade.

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Published on

11 August 2023