Sustell™ highlighted during the ‘ESG and Sustainability Panel’ of the North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF), prominent seafood business conference

Louise Buttle far right alongside other panellists

NASF, Bergen, Norway, 7 – 9 March 2023

Speaking on the DNV sponsored ‘ESG and Sustainability – Financing Aquaculture: Transparency, Financing and the Value Chain’ panel, Louise Buttle, Business Development Lead for Sustell™ Aquaculture, said, “Aquaculture value chains are incredibly complex and it was a privilege to discuss with fellow panellists how Sustell™ provides accurate, transparent and accredited measurement and intervention models for the improvement of the environmental footprint of aquaculture. Aquaculture companies can in turn leverage the environmental impact results from Sustell™ to engage in meaningful dialogue with financial stakeholders as well as the downstream value chain and end consumers – ultimately helping to improve the environmental footprint of aquaculture.” Louise concluded, “You cannot manage what you cannot measure, Let’s make it happen!”

Published on

29 March 2023


  • Aquaculture