dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition and Health were joined by the Dutch Deputy Ambassador to Thailand to address innovative and sustainable solutions animal protein production at Healthy Food Asia 2023

Bangkok, Thailand, 5 July 2023

dsm-firmenich were present at the inaugural Healthy Food Asia event in Bangkok from July 5 to 6 to discuss solutions for the show’s theme: Doing better business on Healthy Food in ASEAN and Asia Pacific countries.

Dr. Voravasa Chaiworakul, Nutritional & Health Solution Manager, Animal Nutrition and Health from dsm-firmenich was joined by, among others, Ms. Miriam Otto – Deputy Ambassador, Head of Political and Economic Department, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to address the panel on the “Animal Protein Sector: at the forefront of more innovative and sustainable food system”.

During the engaging sessions with participants and panel members, Dr Chaiworakul stated “the strong scientific, innovation-inspired and sustainability expertise of dsm-firmenich enables us to provide a whole host of solutions to improve the environmental impact across the food sector. Specifically, the Sustell™ Intelligence Platform, which enables producers to measure and model the environmental impact of animal protein production was developed to conform with global standards such as the Agri/food database.

Dr Chaiworakul continued “by addressing more than carbon emissions, but 19 environmental impact categories, Sustell™ allows the food sector value chain to address efficiencies in environmental impact improvement that ultimately contribute to reducing feed and food loss and waste.”

Dr. Voravasa Chaiworakul presenting at Healthy Food Asia 2023
Animal Protein Sector Panel Information at Healthy Food Asia 2023

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06 July 2023