New Sustell™ upgrade enables LCA footprinting from feed to meat processing

In another move advancing the sustainability of animal protein production, dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health has introduced enhancements to the Sustell™ platform, extending users capacity to track and improve the environmental footprint of their activities from feed to farm to meat processing.

By utilizing their own facilities data, Sustell™ users can accurately measure the environmental impact of their activities, from feed production to slaughtering and cutting. This development enables integrators and processors to communicate the full environmental footprint of animal protein more precisely through the value chain, providing valuable insights for improvement, satisfying the growing need of downstream partners for credible and accurate scope 3 data, and opening the door to sustainability-related value creation.

Developed in accordance with the latest EU Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) and other relevant guidance, the upgraded Sustell™ functionality is initially tailored for swine production. The processing functionality will expand to include poultry, marine fish, and beef in the coming months. This practical approach provides users with a comprehensive solution to enhance transparency and sustainability throughout the entire animal protein supply chain.

“We’re continually developing the Sustell™ platform to better meet the needs of everyone in the animal protein value chain,” stated David Morris, Global LCA Director at dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health. “Credible and accurate environmental footprints are key to enhanced farm efficiency and profitability, improved sustainability and new revenue opportunities.” he concluded.

Published on

07 March 2024