Monitoring ammonia and phosphorus emissions in poultry production key to sustainability improvements

dsm-firmenich Global Poultry Days, Vienna, Austria, 24 - 26 October 2023

The dsm-firmenich Global Poultry Days 2023 gathered more than 200 participants from around the world, and across the poultry production fields to address the challenges and share solutions enabling efficient and sustainable poultry production. The two-day event covered a host of topics, from antibiotic reduction, the nutritional and health challenges of mycotoxins, to the importance of precision nutrition and protein utilization efficiency.

Open available throughout the event and engaging participants were a series of “Solution Stations” providing a focused area and round-the-clock dsm-firmenich expertise. The Life Cycle Assessment Station featuring Sustell™ proved a popular stopping point for many participants with the Sustell team, led by Dr David Nickell Vice President Sustainability & Business Solutions, dsm-firmenich, Animal Nutrition & Health, the team focused how on two key compounds, ammonia and phosphorus, are pivotal in enhancing sustainability within the industry.

David said, “Inefficient phytate degradation and excessive phosphorus intake contribute to environmental harm. By optimizing protein and phosphorus utilization and accurately measuring and validating the impact of emissions control solutions using Sustell™, poultry producers are able to improve the sustainability of their operations, meeting the growing consumer and retailer demands for the sector.”

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Live demonstration of Sustell™ on tablets at Global Poultry Days 2023
Some of the Sustell™ team at the Life Cycle Assessment Solutions Station

Published on

28 November 2023