Beef sustainability hub discussed, considering Sustell™ connected with advanced animal nutrition technology, best farming practices, ESG scoring and methane reducing additive for more sustainable beef production in Brazil

Carlos Saviani presenting Sustell™

Goiás, Brazil, 27 June 2023

As the old saying goes, “there is no silver bullet” for any challenge we face – and this is especially true for the challenge of measuring and improving the sustainability of beef production in Brazil. dsm-firmenich experts from Sustell™, from the company’s recently acquired Prodap business and Bovaer™ met with the team of Amazon Grass, the developer of the speciality grass Tifton 85, and with a group of cattle ranchers totalling more than 300,000 head of cattle to discuss the idea of a ’Sustainability Hub’.

The purpose of the meeting was to bring together leaders in different areas and stages of beef production to discuss and validate an idea to measure, report and improve the sustainability of their production to farm gate. “Sustell™ was the solution of choice to calculate and model intervention scenarios for the improvement of the feed, feed ingredients based on their primary data, rumen enteric fermentation and even the grass and land where the cattle graze – creating a hub of information and, together with an ESG scoring system, allowing the improved and validated certification of beef production, said Carlos Saviani, Global Sustainability Lead, Precision Services, dsm-firmenich.

“By supporting the intensification of cattle grazing with the adoption of a genetic improved and adaptable grass like Tifton 85, along with best farming and ESG practices, we can say ‘NO to Land Use Change and deforestation’ – a significant contributor to carbon emissions. In fact, a growing portion of beef producers in Brazil, like the ones we met, have been improving already the sustainability of their production and raising their animals in consolidated areas that have not seen deforestation for many decades. Now it is a matter of measuring and reporting it, and always improving it. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination” concluded Carlos.

Amazon Mudas Tifton 85 grass
Cattle grazing on Tifton 85 grass in Brazil

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27 June 2023