Improving the sustainability of livestock production – how to stand out from the crowd and not be judged by global averages

Sustainable Livestock Forum Panel on Upcoming Climate Challenges and COP28 with Carlos Saviani and Fernanda Mercantonatos.

São José do Rio Preto, Brazil , 28 September 2023

At the Sustainable Livestock Forum held under the auspices of the Brazilian Roundtable for Sustainable Livestock, producers, ranchers, researchers and financial investors learnt about the sustainability trends impacting beef production globally. The Forum delved into, amongst other topics, the upcoming climate challenges, paths to efficient land use, and the future of traceability.

Speaking on the Panel about the upcoming climate challenges and COP28, Carlos Saviani, Global Sustainability Lead, and Fernanda Mercantonatos, LATAM Sustainability Lead for Ruminants, Precision Services, dsm-firmenich reminded participants on the importance of measuring and communicating transparently and accurately the actual footprints of their production, using Sustell for instance, and applying the best suitable technologies available to reduce them, using for example Bovaer to reduce the methane enteric emissions.

Carlos stated, “There is rightly increased consumer, retailer and regulatory scrutiny of the environmental impact of beef and dairy production given that the global average emissions is 71 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent per kilogram of beef. However, this figure includes emissions from millions of heads that are idle or have very little productivity in Africa and Asia. Using Sustell™ to accurately measure emissions and identify areas of improvement for each farm, we have seen that it is possible to produce a kilogram of beef for a tenth or less of the global average and the market is hungry for this.”

Sustell™ is contributing to the global initiative on sustainable livestock, helping already to measure and improve the full environmental impact milk production and dsm-firmenich is currently developing a Sustell beef specific module with Embrapa – the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária in Portuguese).

Carlos Saviani speaking on the Sustainable Livestock Forum Panel on Upcoming Climate Challenges and COP28
Sergio Schuler, president of the Brazilian Roundtable for Sustainable Livestock, opening the event with Luiza Bruscato, executive director of the same organization.

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29 September 2023