Sustell™ on show to hundreds of participants at the World Nutrition Forum 2023, Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico, 8 – 10 May 2023

Over 800 delegates attended this year’s World Nutrition Forum (WNF) hosted by DSM under the theme: Genius - emphasizing the agro-industry´s need and responsibility to use new technologies and cutting-edge research when faced with the challenge to feed the world sustainably. Organized by DSM, the WNF brought together industry professionals sharing insights and innovations in animal nutrition and sustainability.

During the Forum, delegates followed numerous presentations, workshops and 1-on-1 discussions learning more about how Sustell™ accurately measures the full environmental footprint of major sources of animal protein and provides actionable insights to help producers reduce their impact.

"It was inspiring, informative and engaging to represent Sustell™ at this year’s World Nutrition Forum and showcase our expertise in LCA, animal nutrition, and protein production," said Carlos Saviani, Global Sustainability Lead for DSM Precision Services. "Our team were kept busy with presentations, discussions and live demonstrations of Sustell™ with industry peers, sharing knowledge, and exploring new opportunities to drive sustainability in the animal protein industry."

Members of the Sustell™ global team of experts in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), animal protein production and animal nutrition, engaged with participants on the Sustell™ stand providing live demonstrations of the power of Sustell™.

Franz Waxenecker, Senior Director ANH Precision Services ANH demonstrating Sustell™
David Nickell, Vice President Sustainability & Business Solutions, DSM Nutritional Products Ltd., Animal Nutrition & Health, demonstrating Sustell™

Published on

11 May 2023