World Pork Expo and Sustell™ - improving the sustainability of swine production

dsm-firmenich US Swine Team and Sustell™

Des Moines, United States, June 7 - 9, 2023

At this year’s World Pork Expo, hosted by the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) of the United States, the dsm-firmenich pavilion received a lot of interest – especially with the increased focus on the sustainability of swine production.

Did you know that the Sustell™ Intelligence Platform calculations enable tangible and measurable improvements of feed and farm environmental footprints for all major sources of protein production – including pork?

Speaking to the many visitors interested on sustainability who visited the dsm-firmenich tent, Carlos Saviani, Global Sustainability Lead, Precision Services, dsm-firmenich said, “We learned from several key players the interest in start measuring and demonstrating the improvements in the pork environmental footprints. The Sustell Intelligence Platform is especially useful for the pork industry as it manages the complexity of thousands of data points of the whole production cycle with an intuitive, robust, user-friendly interface that is connected to the APS-footprint tool. In short – from existing feed and farm inputs and outputs it calculates real time and provides pork producers with their actual environmental footprints´ results, giving them ownership of their footprints and the opportunity for simulating and applying improvements and communicating them in a very dynamic and credible way.”

Commenting on the Expo and the interest at the dsm-firmenich pavilion, David Dayhoff, Sustainability Director - Precision Services, Animal Nutrition & Health, North America, dsm-firmenich said, “It was great to meet so many in the pork industry value chain and inspiring that many visitors to our tent are working on sustainability priorities and came with good questions—some specifically about Sustell™--including also academics looking at the bigger picture of sustainability in the animal protein industry.”

David Dayhoff demonstrating Sustell at World Pork Expo
Carlos Saviani meeting Piggy Smalls at Work Pork Expo

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09 June 2023