dsm-firmenich and Deloitte partner to unlock the value of environmental accountability with Sustell™

dsm-firmenich's and Deloitte’s new partnership to create new opportunities related to sustainability in the animal protein value chain through life cycle assessment with Sustell™

dsm-firmenich, the leading innovator in nutrition, health and beauty, announces the first of its kind strategic partnership with Deloitte, the globally renowned professional services firm, to address the growing need for environmental accountability and unlock new opportunities related to sustainability across the animal protein value chain using dsm-firmenich's life cycle assessment (LCA) platform, Sustell™.

By pairing dsm-firmenich ‘s industry-leading Sustell™ platform with Deloitte's unparalleled expertise in consulting, the partnership is positioned to remove existing barriers and empower the entire agri-food ecosystem to adopt more sustainable practices.

Joint initiatives will help to connect players throughout the value chain on sustainability data and reporting, facilitate dialogue and understanding with key opinion leaders, bridge knowledge gaps and foster a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to sustainable animal protein.

Dr David Nickell, Vice President of Sustainability & Business Solutions at dsm-firmenich, Animal Nutrition & Health said: "Our partnership with Deloitte represents a pivotal milestone in our journey to unlock sustainability-related opportunities that promise to transform the animal protein value chain. Deloitte's global influence and cross-industry reach will amplify our efforts, enabling us to drive meaningful and lasting change."

Jorg Schalekamp, Partner at Deloitte said: “Sustell™ stands out as the industry-leading solution for environmental accountability. We will play a key role in driving adoption and ensuring solutions like e.g., Sustell achieve their full impact potential to deliver value across the full supply chain from feed to farm to fork. Deloitte is looking forward to unlock the value of sustainability together with dsm-firmenich for the animal protein sector.

Published on

19 March 2024


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