How Sustell™ can work for you in 8 simple steps

Sustell™ is an intelligent sustainability service – built on two pillars – the state-of-the-art APS-Footprint tool by Blonk and the DSM Expert Center: a team of experts in LCA, animal nutrition and sustainability that partners with you to deliver tangible improvements and impactful results for your business. 

The path of animal protein sustainability in 8 steps:

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  • Beyond emissions reductions

    Beyond emissions reductions

    Learn how overall sustainability performance is improved thanks to the practical interpretation of data covering a broad range of impact categories

  • The benefits of Sustell™

    The benefits of Sustell™

    Explore the 10 benefits of using Sustell™ to achieve the seemingly impossible – simplifying the complexity of measuring, validating and improving the environmental sustainability of animal protein.