The benefits of Sustell™

Ten reasons to take a closer look at Sustell™

Sustell™ achieves the seemingly impossible – simplifying the complexity of measuring, validating and improving the environmental sustainability of animal protein – transparently, scientifically, farm by farm, system by system.

Animal farming companies and the associated value chain, have, for the first time, a powerful solution to measure, compare and improve the sustainability of animal protein.

The many environmental foot-printing tools that are in the market are typically laborious, slow, limited in breadth and depth of measurement and utilize high level average industry data or proxy data sets that are unable to provide an accurate measurement of the individual farm. 

Sustell™ goes beyond to truly unlock the value of sustainability, offering TEN tangible benefits:

Sustell™ to intelligently unlock the value of sustainability so that you can:

Engage your employees, creating a culture of purpose and sustainability in your business.

Take ownership and better understand your environmental impact.

Implement best practice with the knowledge to enable continuous improvement.

Reduce your environmental footprint and business risk while enhancing the resilience and profitability of animal production.


Elevate your company and product brand.


Sustell™ makes improved environmental performance of animal protein production possible while benefiting the economic sustainability of operations through nutritional advice and improvements in efficiencies and cost optimizations.

Together We Make it Possible to future-proof animal protein production

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