Agriculture 4.0 is the key to jumpstarting the agricultural revolution and achieving tangible sustainability improvements

Carlos Saviani presenting Sustell™ at AFMA 2023

Sun City, South Africa, 5 – 7 September 2023

Where better event to grapple with the impediments and the possibilities offered by the fourth agricultural revolution and improving the sustainability of animal protein production, than AFMA 2023! This flagship event of the Animal Feed Manufacturers’ Association (AFMA) of Africa, with approximately 700 attendees this year, is arguably the most anticipated animal production science event on the African continent.

The theme for the 2023 AFMA, “Feed & Food – the 4th Agricultural Revolution” focussed attendees on the criticality of technological developments and digital advances in driving a step change in agricultural production, improving its sustainability while producing the protein required to feed a growing population.

Speaking exactly to the theme of “Sustainable Animal Production”, Carlos Saviani, Global Sustainability Lead, Precision Services, dsm-firmenich presented on the importance of feed and farm data and of solutions like Sustell™ for measuring and improving the sustainability of animal protein in a simple but precise way. The topic of his presentation was “Precise , validated and actionable data is key to the improved sustainability of animal protein production”.

Calling on the industry to apply new thinking, new technologies and new business models in order to create a more sustainable industry, Carlos said, “the fourth agricultural revolution must, through precision technology, and digitalization, bring equitable advances in the sustainability of agricultural production, bringing together the economic, social and environmental aspects, going beyond Greenhouse Gas emissions.”

Carlos continued, “In Sustell™️, The technology now exists in the form of a user-friendly, intelligent platform that has the functionality, speed and user-independence to enable animal protein producers to improve their environmental impact based on primary feed and farm data and approved LCA methodologies.”

“While there is still a long way to go, there is a shared consensus that a sense of absolute urgency is necessary”, continued Carlos. “The time has come to move beyond discussions and rhetoric and embark on taking meaningful action to scale. The time for action is now, and the industry – across the full value chain – must rise to the occasion to shape a sustainable future for food and agriculture. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination.”

Article by Carlos Saviani in Matrix (Page 50), the quarterly magazine of AFMA) “Precise, validated and actionable data is key to the improved sustainability of animal protein production and also available in the Feed Talks on the dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition and Health website

Presentation by Carlos Saviani at AFMA 2023

The Opening of the AFMA Forum – Agriculture 4.0: Revolutionising the animal feed industry
Demonstrating Sustell at the dsm-firmenich booth at AFMA

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08 September 2023