Accurate, science-based measurement crucial to addressing the need for “The Resilience of Sustainable EU Food Production Systems – Role of Circular Feed” – the theme at this year’s FEFAC 30th Congress

Ystad Saltsjöbad, Sweden, 14 – 16 June 2023

Over 220 delegates from EU country feed associations, feed and food companies, EU and Member State regulatory bodies, feed additives and feed ingredient manufacturers, producer and farmer associations and others in the value chain gathered at this year’s FEFAC Congress and pre-Congress workshops.

dsm-firmenich, whose mission is to “work at the crossroads of what’s essential for life, desirable for society, and sustainable for our planet” sponsored the Congress this year contributing to the discussions, formal and informal, about the need to improve the sustainability of animal protein production. Across the broad range of participants, there was widespread agreement of the need to improve the resilience of sustainable EU food production systems with uniform, science-based, accurate tools that measure the full environmental footprint and help producers communicate the actions they are taking to make further improvements.

Speaking at the pre-Congress workshop on advanced feeding strategies for enhanced and circular sustainable livestock and aquaculture production, Sabine Van Cauwenberghe, Regulatory Affairs and Sustainability Manager for dsm-firmenich stated, “Feed additives are key enablers of the circularity of animal production. They provide agility in feed formulation, they support the digestive process and thereby the feed efficiency, they help enhance the lifetime performance of animals and last but not least, they can reduce nutrient leakages (N, P) and gaseous emissions (ammonia, methane). Sustell™ can measure the impacts of such interventions, allowing producers to measure the true value of feeding interventions using LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) and PEF (EU Product Environmental Footprint) guidelines.” Sabine also highlighted that the “LCA is tailored to assess the circularity of a production system. Optimized animal footprint at the farm gate means an optimal use of resources.”

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Click here to view Sabine’s presentation: FEFAC workshop - dsm-firmenich presentation - Feed additives, circularity enablers 14 June 2023

Presentation by Sabine van Cauwenberghe, Senior Regulatory Affairs manager, Animal Nutrition & Health, dsm-firmenich on Feed additives as circularity enablers
FEFAC 30th Congress Plenary

Published on

20 June 2023